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Hogue 1911 Avenger™ System - Fixed Barrel Upper

The Avenger System is available in .45ACP and 9mm in barrels lengths of 5" or 6"

The Avenger system provides a complete replacement for the upper slide and barrel on 1911 style frames. The Avenger features a fixed barrel for the ultimate in accuracy, instantly converting a stock 1911 style receiver into a match ready race gun. And who doesn't have a 1911 around?

The patented Avenger is an entirely new handgun action that is different from anything else ever made before! This new action eliminates the problems associated with using a fixed barrel with high power cartridges. The Avenger is not gas operated and installs easily on the frame and doesn't suffer from gas operated fouling problems. In fact, the Avenger even works well with lead bullets. The extreme accuracy comes from a match barrel fixed in place with the sighting device, there is simply no movement between the sight and the barrel. The fixed barrel eliminates the need for the costly gunsmithing required to precision fit a conventional slide and barrel.


Hogue Avenger


(receiver not included!)

Avenger shown as sold with removable Picatinny rail and Integral open sights that are fully adjustable.

Hogue Avenger Takedown

Simply replace the stock slide with the Avenger upper for match accuracy within minutes. Easily return to stock by removing the Avenger and replacing stock components. NO PERMANENT MODIFICATION IS REQUIRED.

The Avenger also has style! The futuristic styling of the Avenger combined with the incredible accuracy and low recoil will make Avenger a must have among shooting enthusiasts.

Because the Avenger kit goes on an existing serialized frame it is not itself a "firearm" and can be shipped legally through the mail without an FFL. At a very attractive price the Avenger allows a shooter to economically convert any existing 1911 style frame to a match ready race gun.

Where to purchase Hogue Products

Support your local dealer! Hogue products are available from your local firearms dealer. However, if you prefer, you can purchase the Hogue Avenger System directly from Hogue.