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Hogue Exotic Hardwood Grips for Revolver and Semi Automatic Handguns

Hogue Exotic Hardwood Handgun Grips

Hogue fancy hardwood grips are in a class of their own, and are acclaimed by many as the finest handgun grips available. We guarantee that the finest workmanship and materials go into every pair. Not only are these grips attractive, they are extremely functional. All Hogue hardwood grips are precision inlet on modern computerized machinery (CNC) then hand finished on actual factory frames, assuring a proper fit.

Finally, the finish is hand polished to a non-slippery sheen using natural Carnauba wax, which will not crack or peel like cheap sprayed on finishes. Hogue exotic handgun grips can be enjoyed smooth or adorned with precision checkering or with one of our Custom Textured Patterns.

Hogue Custom Textures

Wood is Natural and Varies in Color and Figure

The samples pictured throughout this website are very good representations of the general character and color and figure, however, each and every grip is unique and will vary in color and figure.

Hogue wood grips are made from many fancy and exotic hardwoods, chosen for their beauty and durability. All of these woods are much harder and denser than ordinary walnut, and offer a wide variety of contrast and grain figuration. All the woods we use are the highest quality, kiln-dried hardwood available.

Our Exotic woods include Kingwood, Tulipwood, Coco Bolo and Rosewood. These exotic woods give you a virtual rainbow of colors to choose from. All of our natural woods pictured in this website are shown in their natural colors, no stains or artificial colors are used. Our wood grips are also available in very attractive, lightweight laminated hardwoods in either Rosewood or what we call LAMO CAMO colors.

Hogue Goncalo Alves Grip

Our Most Popular Hardwoods

Our two most popular hardwoods are GONCALO ALVES (GON-SA-LO AL-VES) and PAU FERRO (PAW FAIR'-RO). Goncalo Alves is very popular and is certainly one of our favorites. Pau Ferro is also a favorite, with rich beautiful figure that resembles fancy dark walnut. Goncalo Alves and Pau Ferro are among the hardest and most durable woods in the world.

Hogue Pau Ferro Grip

Hogue Wood Auto Grips

Hogue Exotic Hardwood Handgun Grips for Semi Automatic Handguns

When it comes to Semi Automatic handgun grips, Hogue grips are in a class by themselves! Many automatics have mechanisms that come very close to the grip, requiring proper clearances. Others depend on the grip to hold vital pins and/or springs in place. Hogue's precision CNC woodworking equipment allows us to maintain these exacting tolerances that are especially important on automatics.

Where to purchase Hogue Products

Support your local dealer! Hogue products are available from your local firearms dealer. However, if you prefer, you can purchase Hogue products directly from Hogue.




Covering a major portion of the handgun, the grip affects its appearance tremendously. Hogue automatic pistol grips are used by many top pistolsmiths for their exacting fit and attractiveness.

Hogue grips are used by Professionals that know their gear!

Competitors, Law Enforcement, Military, Hunters, and Plinkers alike will benefit from and enjoy the superior features of a Hogue grip.

Hogue Wood Checkered Grips
Hogue 1911 Grips

Competition Shooters Demand the Very Best Equipment

Any competitive shooters use and praise Hogue grips for there practical and functional beauty. We communicate with professional shooters around the world to help keep Hogue grip designs on the cutting edge. A fancy wood grip from Hogue is a custom option allowed on your limited pistol, converting it into a real showpiece. Fancy wood grips are an absolute must to "one up" the competition, and complement even the most exotic unlimited race gun. Super thin panels are available for popular double stack guns such as Para-Ordnance and Caspian. Para-Ordnance owners know that grips for these guns require a small filler tab on the back of the grip. We were not satisfied with glued-on wood fillers found on other makes. We designed and incorporated a precision, injection-molded tab, keyed and bonded to the grip, providing the absolute highest quality and best fitting wood grip possible.

Hogue Exotic Hardwood Handgun Grips for Revolver Handguns

Exotic Hardwood revolver grips come standard with proportioned finger grooves, Hogue's famous orthopedic handshape and of course all are fully relieved for speedloaders. Custom options include precision cut checkering, contrasting butt cap with accent stripe and your choice of one or no finger grooves.

Where to purchase Hogue Products

Support your local dealer! Hogue products are available from your local firearms dealer. However, if you prefer, you can purchase Hogue products directly from Hogue.


Hogue Wood Bantam Grips
Hogue Wood Revolver Grip with Stripe Cap

Stripe Cap Accents

The accent stripe and cap adds that extra touch of class! Well-Proportioned Finger Grooves on the famed Hogue orthopedic hand shape give a smooth, comfortable, secure grip which positions the hand consistently every time for more consistent and quicker target acquisition times. Functionally cut, a precision 20 lines per inch checkering provides that classic, detailed finishing touch.

Round Butt Conversion Grips

All Square Butt revolver frames have been replaced by Smith & Wesson with Round Butts. Traditionally round butt guns were more concealable and demanded a smaller grip. Now days it's common to put a full size grip on a full size Round Butt Revolver. Round Butt frames, being small, allow larger "square" butt-style grips to be used as pictured. The one piece Monogrip design makes an ideal grip for converting the round butt frame configuration to a square butt grip. The Hogue "Conversion Grip" allows a superior transition between the grip and the frame. This perfect transition is simply not possible with a two piece grip.

How Does The Monogrip Work?

Hogue Wood Revolver Grip
Hogue Big Butt Grip

Competition Big Butt Grips

Big Butt grips are designed for serious competitors who shoot in a prone position. Many shooting matches such as the Bianchi Cup and International Revolver championships include stages that are best shot from the prone position. Hogue Big Butt grips allow the revolver to be firmly planted on the ground for maximum stability and increased accuracy shot after shot.

Where to purchase Hogue Products

Support your local dealer! Hogue products are available from your local firearms dealer. However, if you prefer, you can purchase Hogue products directly from Hogue.