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Hogue Monogrip Concept

Monogrip Cut-away

The Story and Design behind the Hogue Monogrip

The Hogue Monogrip one-piece revolver grips were designed and patented by Guy Hogue, a retired L.A.P.D. shooting instructor and armorer. Guy, a perfectionist, was never satisfied with the way two-piece revolver grips mount and fit, even when custom made. The answer... a one-piece grip that mounts from the bottom. Trademarked Monogrip, the one-piece design eliminates the short-comings of traditional two-piece grips. This single piece grip slides on revolver frames from the bottom, requiring no modifications of the firearm.

The Stirrup

A patented steel "stirrup" device clips over the existing frame pin or bottom strap of the frame. The stirrup is the key component in the system that adapts the grip to the gun frame. Attached in seconds, the stirrup solidly secures the grip to the frame. Because the mounting force is from the bottom, they will not shoot loose. Obsolete two-piece revolver grips that attach from the side must rely on the frame to stockpin tolerance to maintain a secure fit. This tolerance varies, which on a two-piece grip can lead to loose shifting panels.

Monogrip Fit

It's All About Fit and Feel

It is a fact that gun frame dimensions do vary slightly. Monogrips, by virtue of their unique mounting system, compensate for varying frame tolerances. This assures a secure, comfortable grip. Monogrips not only dress up a gun, they also are designed to provide optimal pointing characteristics. Shooters are on target faster and more consistently with a grip designed to point naturally. The famed Hogue orthopedic handshape, comfortable and secure, is a smooth ergonomic design that positions the hand consistently every time. Monogrip's design allows a high handhold on the backstrap which effectively lowers the bore line. This low bore line reduces muzzle rise in recoil and materially aids rapid-fire recovery time, especially when using a two-hand hold. Palm swells are ambidextrous, allowing equal comfort and control for either right or left handed shooters. A generous recoil shoulder helps spread impact from heavy magnum loads. And of course all revolver grips are fully relieved for speedloaders.

There is only one original Monogrip. Although others have tried to copy Hogue's shape in a two piece revolver grip, nothing compares with the features of a true Monogrip.

Where to purchase Hogue Products

Support your local dealer! Hogue products are available from your local firearms dealer. However, if you prefer, you can purchase Hogue products directly from Hogue.