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Where to Purchase Hogue Products

Support your local dealer! Hogue products are available from your local firearms dealer. However, if you prefer, you can purchase Hogue products directly from Hogue.

You may also call-in your order or ask for the closest dealer near you: 1-800-GET-GRIP (438-4747).

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Our Guarantee

Hogue Inc. is owned and operated by the Hogue Family. We are a family business and treat our customers as such. Our business philosophy is one of perfection. For this reason we promise to do our utmost to provide you with the finest handgun stock made and we guarantee to take care of problems A.S.A.P. We have an excellent reputation and we intend to keep it!


Hogue Inc. Factory

Hogue products are used by Professionals that know their gear!

Competitors, Law Enforcement, Military, Hunters and Plinkers alike will benefit from and enjoy the superior features designed into all Hogue Products.

Information: Shooting Sports and Competitions.