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Hogue Soft Rubber Grips for Revolver and Semi Automatic Handguns

Hogue SOft Rubber Handgun Grips

Hogue Soft Rubber Handgun Grips

Hogue rubber grips are molded from a durable synthetic rubber that is not spongy or tacky, but gives that soft recoil absorbing feel, without affecting accuracy. Hogue rubber grips hold securely in cold, wet or sweating hands, and do not have any metal medallions that can irritate the hand.

To retain their shape, Hogue soft rubber grips utilize a modern lightweight synthetic insert (skeleton) that chemically bonds to the rubber. This prevents them from delaminating or coming apart as can happen with other brands that use metal inserts. The material we use is resistant to all solvents and oils used around firearms.

Cobblestone Finish

Hogue's exclusive "Cobblestone" texture has become the texture of choice among firearm enthusiasts. Cobblestone provides a positive non-irritating stippling feature that replaces traditional checkering. This texture not only gives Hogue a modern and distinctive look, but is also very functional. It is specifically designed to be a balance between a sharply checkered and a smooth grip. Cobblestone provides a firm grip but by relaxing grip pressure allows the hand the mobility of a smooth grip.

Hogue Soft Rubber Grips for Semi Automatic Handguns

Semi-automatic handguns come in a wide array of frame styles, as do our grips that fit them. We have incorporated the most functional design possible for each particular pistol. For example, some auto grips are only available as improved panels, others wraparound with finger grooves. For some pistols we offer both styles. You can be sure that whatever the basic design, all Hogue grips are designed with improvements in fit, form and function. Grip sizes complement the particular handgun it was made for, as small as possible on large double stack magazine guns, and maybe a little fuller on small frames.

Hogue grips are used by Law Enforcement and Military Worldwide!


Where to purchase Hogue Products

Support your local dealer! Hogue products are available from your local firearms dealer. However, if you prefer, you can purchase Hogue products directly from Hogue.


Hogue Soft Rubber Semi-Auto Handgun Grips

Hogue Soft Rubber Revolver Handgun Grip

Hogue Soft Rubber Grips for Revolver Handguns

Hogue makes a wide variety of revolver grips to fit most modern Double and Single Action revolvers. Our one-piece Monogrip®, truly being one-piece, with a single insert has no mismatched seam to come apart. And of course, our rubber revolver grips have all the features that made the Hogue Monogrip famous.

Monogrip Features

Monogrip features include orthopedic handshape, proportioned finger grooves, (real finger grooves, not just small nonfunctional bumps) and they are fully relieved for speedloaders.

These patented features add up to better accuracy and more comfortable shooting whether in competition, field, or actual combat shooting. Many championship shooters, as well as law enforcement officers, use, and praise Hogue grips. Hogue grips have been widely accepted and used for years by law enforcement agencies and as original equipment by most leading handgun manufacturers.

Hogue Nylon Monogrips

Monogrips made from Nylon are another Hogue exclusive. True to our high quality standards, Hogue is the only maker to offer handgun grips made from this solid material. In addition to the advantages of the Monogrip, unique features of a nylon grip are high strength and durability, and the property of being able to be worked like wood allowing a user to customize their own grip. Nylon grips do not telegraph the location of a concealed handgun. These features make Nylon Monogrips an excellent choice for law enforcement. Because Nylon grips have specialized uses, only selected models are available in nylon.

How Does The Monogrip Work?

Hogue Soft Rubber Bantam Revolver Handgun Grip for Concealed Carry

Hogue Rubber Bantam Grips

Ultra light and compact Bantam grips are the lightest and most compact rubber grips available. In fact, a J frame Bantam grip weights only 1.4 ounces making it at least .8 ounces less than the nearest competitive grip. Using a revolutionary Patented Hogue design, these ultra light grips simply snap onto the gun, requiring no screws, or metal parts.

Hogue Soft Rubber Bantam Revolver Handgun Grip

Hogue Rubber Single Action Grips

Your favorite Ruger Single Action revolver will also benefit from a Hogue rubber grip. Hogue grips ergonomic shape provides a secure handhold, positioning the knuckle away from the trigger guard, eliminating knuckle busting during the rolling of the hand under recoil.

Cowboy style grips are good for light recoil shooting but a Hogue rubber grip is ideal for hunting with today's Magnum loads.

Where to purchase Hogue Products

Support your local dealer! Hogue products are available from your local firearms dealer. However, if you prefer, you can purchase Hogue products directly from Hogue.


Hogue Soft Rubber Single Action Revolver  Grips